Dulux Easycare Bathroom Mixed Colour 2.5 Ltr

2.5ltr Easycare Bathroom Colour mixed. Also available in 1lt.

Product Description

Dulux Easycare Bathroom+ Soft Sheen is an exceptionally tough moisture and steam resistant paint. Independent laboratory testing has shown that the MouldTec formulation protects the paint against mould for five years, keeping your bathroom looking great for longer.

Key Information

  • Finish: Soft Sheen
  • Coverage: 14 m²/L
  • Drying Time: Leave 6 hours to dry.
  • Coats: 2

Application Description

Apply 2 coats with a brush or roller, leave 6 hours between coats. When conditions are colder, more time must be allowed for the first coat to dry. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for the paint to fully dry. Do not apply in very damp or humid conditions or extreme temperatures. TIP: if the colour change is strong, more coats may be required. If you use more than one can, mix them together in a large container or finish in a corner before starting a new can.

Price: £25.59


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