Dulux Perfect Cover Medium Pile Roller Sleeve class=

Dulux Perfect Cover Medium Pile Roller Sleeve

The Dulux Perfect roller range has been specially designed with some clever features to make painting as easy as possible, helping you to achieve perfect results every time.


  • Micropile Fabric Sleeve - The micropile fabric sleeve is easy to load and gives even coverage and a superb finish on all smooth or lightly textured walls and ceilings.

Usage Tips


Cut in first around ceilings, skirting boards, doors, etc using a Dulux Perfect Edges brush. Ensure paint is evenly distributed over the roller sleeve but not overloaded. Roll evenly over the surface in any direction before finishing off with long vertical strokes with a light even pressure Store the roller in a plastic bag or wrap in cling film to prevent drying out overnight.


Always clean the roller immediately after use.

Price: £3.99